Corporate Strategy

Developing a winning corporate strategy requires a relentless focus on value creation.

Purpose. Gain deep insights into starting position, explore what creates or destroys value, set clear, shared, long-term vision, develop a massive transformative purpose, establish objectives and key results, put the right amount of thrust behind it, reshape strategy, translate purpose into action.

Challenge. Define a portfolio strategy to realize the vision and translate purpose into ambitious objectives and key results, understand challenges, create crossfunctional teams in order to improve your performance.

Leadership. Identify capabilities, facilitate team spirit and sense of belonging, have positive impact on company culture, promote individual talents, be inspirational, setting an example for others, move from managing to enabling, explore alternative ways to win, decide which alternative to pursue, create action plan, reallocate resources to deliver outstanding results.

Collaboration. Create transparency, visualize interconnection of overall objectives, intermediate objectives and activities, mobilize the organization.

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Rethink the art of the possible to build future portfolio, improve customer experience and shape business model.

Product and service leadership. Search for products, solutions, services, business models and new markets, strengthen product management, define roadmap and streamline portfolio.

Customer experience. Shape the brand, implement customer intimacy, improve and digitize customer journey and brand interactions across all channels, build long-lasting relationships with clients.

Operational excellence. Digitize processes and business models, develop high expertise in chosen business model and focus on cost, efficiency and volume.

Cultural and organizational change. Master a multitude of change processes, manage processes, develop content, translate it into formats and campaigns.

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Innovation & Growth

Growth is imperative to drive shareholder returns and increase revenue.

Innovation strategy. Set bold aspirations, make tough choices, mobilize resources at scale, define growth strategy, establish strategic guidelines for innovation management, build innovation framework, clarify focus of growth initiatives and innovation activities.

Innovation journey. Design lean process from business model canvas to market readiness, structure generation, enrich and select ideas, execute innovation sprints, build business, launch products, business models and services, and scale it up to market success.

Innovation organisation. Embody roles and responsibilities into the organisation and utilise KPIs, portfolio, budgets and resource management to steer innovation initiatives, develop growth programme and establish growth engine.

Innovation culture. Use agile ways of working, establish crossfunctional teams, ensure successful innovation activities and define desired behavioural patterns.

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Positioning, Brand & Marketing

Great brand strategies strike a fine balance between aspirational goals and actionable roadmaps.

Positioning. Align corporate story and positioning, bring it to life, shape purpose, mission, vision and values.

Brand. Assess brand as it currently stand, optimise brand portfolio architecture, position brand in direction to customers, capital market, opinion market and labour market, develop brand landscape and explain the personality of the brand to all stakeholders, organize an integrated brand management, strengthen attractiveness as employer brand.

Marketing. Understand customer insights, leverage growth opportunities, exploit market expansion potentials, develop marketing strategy, bring new services to market, drive customer lifetime value, manage agencies, use technologies, develop content management, shape customer journey and customer experience, execute campaigns, evaluate return on marketing investment, measure performance, manage crossfunctional teams, organize marketing and corporate communications globally.

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Due to new tech­nolo­gies, disruptive competitors and changing customer behaviour, digitalization is key value driver for a viable future of a company.

Strategic framing. Assess current state of digital maturity, shape digital strategy, focus on customer centricity, build governance model.

Digital roadmap. Empower employees, engage customers, automate processes, optimize operations, develop new customer-centric business models, transform products and services, create new revenue streams, increase value of offering, prioritize projects, involve most important stakeholders.

Digital leadership & culture. Develop operating model, use agile ways of working, activate crossfunctional teams, establish organizational structure and new leadership.

Reinventing communications. Analyse landscape of channels and target groups, include social media, work-life balance and new expectations of levels of participation, redefine new ways of working together, tasks and roles, organize set-up and procedures, establish new patterns of collaboration.

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